Noise-cancellation personal electronics are instantly recognised as a high-value item – perfect for effective corporate gifting, cut-through strategic sales promotions and employee recognition programmes.*
The Blackbox range of premium noise- cancellation products can be either co-branded, or substitute branded on the cosmetic earcaps and/or headpad, providing valuable prominence for branding or a unique targeted message. 
Additionally, the Blackbox range allows for customisable elements such as, the selection of standard or premium leatherette headpads and earpads, and the colour of headband frames and clamps. Subtle cosmetic changes and branding combine to generate a whole new ‘look and feel’ to our active noise-cancellation headphones and earphones on a client-by-client basis. A perfect corporate gifting solution for your company.
For more information or to place a corporate order in the first instance, please contact our marketing team with an outline of your needs and timelines.